Day 65 – The Magick of the People

Silver RavenWolf

The circumstances of the last several months have allowed me to stretch my activities in new and exciting directions. Yet, every day, I was reminded of down-home magick, and how it continues to serve the people. You know? Some days I didn’t even know WHAT day it was! One sunrise/sunset blended into the next, especially if I didn’t listen to the news. Yes, I had the internet; but, nothing I was doing insisted I know the day of the week to perform either work or leisure. I became more interested in tasks as they related to the weather and our living environment.

Depression wasn’t a part of my life because I always had something to do. A bit of string, a potato, beet juice, pennies, a stick from the woods…all the magickal supplies I really needed. The birds in our Wish Tree brought color and music, even on the coldest…

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