Day 59! Open the Way Compost Magick!

Silver RavenWolf


Dealing with a stuck issue?  You will love this spell!  You just make use of your compost pile, bin, can…whatever you’ve got!  And, if you don’t have one?  Now’s the time to get yours going.  Compost is super easy to do and great for the earth!  Even if you don’t have a garden, you can always just give the mixture back to the earth in a respectful way.

Don’t know a thing about composting?  Here is a super great article!    While you are reading it, think about how this process can work magickally for you!

I have a compost pail (picture) and a double compost bin outside at the end of the garden.  But, if you don’t have anything like this, and still want to do the spell — that’s okay, too.  We’ll do it the way my grandma handled it — throw it in the garbage and get…

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