Day 57 – What Magick is This? Spell from the Cupboard!

Silver RavenWolf

Spell from the Cupboard by Silver RavenWolf

Molasses (which is boiled sugar cane, grapes, or sugar beets) — attraction, love, attracting earth spirits, material object prosperity
Brown Sugar –– white sugar blended with molasses — white sugar is used for attraction, love and to invite “good spirits” into a cleansed area and is thought to help dispel the power of dark spirits (Cunningham).  Beryl has a different take — exploring the mysteries.
Egg — birthing as well as cleansing
Flour — depends on what kind you use — wheat flour — wheat is used in many spells to attract money, good fortune and abundance into the home — it is also used to “keep food” coming into the home.  Beryl indicates wheat has been used for centuries by many cultures as a religious herb, promoting good fortune and blessings from the earth goddesses.  Rice flour is also associated with…

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