Day 55 – Folk Magick Covid-19 Spell

Silver RavenWolf

fightlikeagoddessmedicalstaff Dedicated to our Emergency Responders

This past week, several us of in BFC talked about writing a specific charm to heal individuals of Covid-19, just as our ancestors wrote charms to get rid of Dropsy, Burns, Thrush, etc.  Indeed, all of us have worked those spells/charms/chants with great success.  After listening to Patrick J. Donmoyer’s talk the other night, some of us stayed on-line and discussed what charm we could use for our current crises.  We decided to employ a Wildfire charm that makes use of a red thread, manipulating the malady to Covid-19 rather than saying wildfire.  Given that we are all stuck inside and respecting social distancing, we can’t use a person’s measure — so here are a few suggestions:

  1.  Hold the string and call out the person’s name 9 times, to “set” the connection.
  2. Wrap the string around the individual’s photograph.
  3. Tie the string to a slip…

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