Day 50 — On or Off? Mental Magick by Silver RavenWolf

Silver RavenWolf

Can you believe we have spent fifty days together?  Oh Wow!

Today’s magickal tip is a mental exercise that can bring you incredible rewards if you practice the technique!  Let’s first consider the meaning of the words “Off” and “On”.  Close your eyes and repeat the word “on”.  How do you feel when you say that word?  Open?  At ease?  Flowing?  Roll the word over on your tongue.  Breathe deep.  Keep repeating the word.  Take the time to analyze the emotions or thoughts that come to mind when you say the word, “on”.  Now, let’s move to the word “off”.  Close your eyes, repeat the word several times.  How do you feel when you say that word?  Shut?  Tight?  Closed?


When something is “on” — it is a go thing — power flowing — a yes, yes, yes feeling.  When we think of “off” — such words come to mind…

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