Day 48! Sending Angel Messages

Silver RavenWolf

angels by Lisa Iris Magnificent angelic artwork done by Lisa Iris — this was the first cover for my Angel’s Companions in Magick Book.  I use her inspired rendition often in my work.

Three Angels rose from the East:  One turns the spindle.  One throws the shuttle.  One has scissors.

We are living in a time of balance.  A time of light.  A time of transformation.  Thousands have crossed; but, they have not gone alone.  I believe that angels and divine spirits have guided each soul, surrounding them with love and celebration as they move to the next stage in their energy being.  Do you feel guilty when a child is born?  No!  You celebrate as the energy passes to the physical world and experiences divine breath.  Why would you feel guilty, then, when a loved one passes back at the end of their life, where they are met with celebration and love? …

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