Day 45 – Quarantine Magick – Grief Relief Formulas In Your Time of Need

Silver RavenWolf

griefreliefcardWhile candles, aromatherapy, crystals, herbs, meditations, spells, rituals, and gemstones can support you through grief, they aren’t a substitute for speaking to your physician or qualified grief counselor.

When I designed a candle formula for grief relief a few years ago I researched possible ingredients that, through aroma and herbal pattern, might energetically vibrate to soothe emotional pain and sadness.  It never occurred to me that we would be faced with a pandemic, where enormous amounts of grief, sadness, anger, fear, guilt, and feelings of loss would hit our planet with wave after wave of emotional distress.  And I truly never thought in our time that options for grieving would be wretched away from those left behind — so now there is additional troublesome energy — the helplessness of not being able to act in a traditional way that would normally bring some comfort in the grieving process.  Nothing can…

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