Day 44 — Egg Money Spell and the Witness Stick

Silver RavenWolf

eggmoneyspellBelief Analogy is using a statement aloud that you believe to be true as a way to solidify the outcome of a working.  The early Greeks (Magika Hiera Ancient Greek Magic and Religion by Christopher A. Faraone and Dirk Obbink) used this pattern as a way to ensure magickal success, sometimes using deity and other instances basing the charm on experience.  For example, you might say:  “As surely as the rain cometh, the sun shall shine, and the moon wax and wane good fortune comes to me”.  This charm uses your past encounters with the world as the platform, rather than the belief in a specific deity.  One Pow-Wow charm declares:  “As surely as the Mother of Christ shall not bear another son.”  No, she surely won’t.

In this spell, we flow back before any specific religious indications and choose an analogy that is scientific and proven.  Our statement…

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