Day 42 — Quarantine Magick – Tillie and the Bee and Long Distance Healing – You Can Do This!

Silver RavenWolf


by Silver RavenWolf

I often think about the mindset of the German people that practiced Braucherei on a daily basis a hundred years ago.  Hardworking.  Practical.  A focus on agriculture, animal husbandry, and the family.  Even the Amish permitted flowers around the property, indicating that since plants were a gift from spirit — they could be celebrated and admired.  One’s property should be well-tended — as what shows without indicates what is within.  Makes you wonder about all those folks with rotted out vehicles sitting in their front yard, doesn’t it?

In Braucherei, protection and healing practices were mainstays of their energy work.  And, let me explain — they didn’t see Braucherei (PowWow) as magick per se– they saw it as active prayer blessed by deity.  What seems silly to us now as far as medical need, could kill you if left untended back then.  Like a bee sting.  Today…

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