Trump’s Plan To Open Up Businesses Before 5/1 Despite COV-19’s On-Going Threat, Will Backfire

Gronda Morin

The one attribute that I can begrudgingly grant the republican US President Donald J. Trump, is that he’s a marketing super star. But even he cannot accomplish the mission of convincing senior citizens that they should do their patriotic duty by being willing to sacrifice their lives in order to salvage the US economy.

But there are those GOP dark money corporate ALEC donors like Charles Koch who are pushing the president hard to end the “shelter in place” order implemented to mitigate against the 2020 US Spring coronavirus COV-19  pandemic, in order to open up businesses to start conducting in person transactions, as early as May 1, 2020. That this step as per epidemiology experts, could be contrary to US people’s safety, is immaterial.


See: List of members of the (ALEC) American Legislative Exchange Council

See the following tweet:

RynheartTheReluctant @TheRynheart
‘Charles Koch network pushed $1 billion cut to CDC…

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