Day 37 – Quarantine Magick – How to Make a Super Charged Haint Zapper! — Protection Spell

Silver RavenWolf

day37 Decorative Sieve Protection Door Decoration

I love folk magick!  One of my favorite projects at the change of the season is to make a Haint Zapper!  Now, depending on who is doing the explaining, a Haint has many definitions.  Lee R. Gandee (Strange Experience – Secrets of a Hexenmeister) told me (yes, I knew him) that a Haint was a spirit of anger or great distress manufactured, once upon a time, by a human being.  The emotion was so great that it became an energy on its own and so roams at twilight, zooming along the edges of hills where shadows begin to deepen.   It doesn’t think; but, should it trespass over a human it does cause its share of problems!  Sickness, Plague, Injury, Loss of Home or Income, etc.  Then again, some people will tell you that a Haint is a ghost, others say a demon, and then there…

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