Day 36 – Quarantine Magick! – Herbal Vision Quest

Silver RavenWolf


In Celebration of Earth Day I created several dream pillows with an embroidered world tree design.  I built a bonfire in our ritual circle and used my rattle during meditation — asking what herbals I already had that would be good for bringing peace, healing, and good fortune to my hearthstone brothers and sisters and my family.  I used the dream pillow design as my focus, breathing deeply and allowing the plants to step forward in my mind.  It was such a delightful and surprising experience, as plants I never would have thought of working together filled my mind.  I fed the bonfire and gave blessings to the plant world before hurrying into the house to work on what I dreamt.

I fittingly named the result of my vision quest the Tree of Life Formula.  It is so simple, yet so aromatic and amazingly powerful!  On researching the combination, I…

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