Day 33 – Quarantine Magick – Spell for Jinx Remove and Crossed Conditions by Silver RavenWolf

Silver RavenWolf

We are working with the fourth quarter or the Dark of the Moon — perfect timing for removing negativity!  Today, our challenge is to remove a jinxed or crossed condition that we may be experiencing in our lives.

A Jinx, or Crossed Condition often occurs because of our own, non-thinking (or thinking in the wrong direction) actions.  A result of patterned behavior (ours — normally) it is noticeable when a series of projects or events seem to constantly hit the shitter.  If you live in a busy household, or with a constantly negative person, they can create a flow of crossed conditions that you keep tripping over.  These lines of energy eventually tangle just about everyone and everything within the home.  For today’s working, you will need the following:

A potato
A pair of scissors
A sharp knife (to cut a slit in the potato)
The sigil shown here (or…

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