Day 10 – Mini Release Program – March by Silver RavenWolf

Silver RavenWolf

day10 Today’s Challenge is creating a windowsill altar.  We will use either 3 or 9 objects — can you see all 9 objects in this picture?

A bright good day to you!

Patrick Donmoyer created one of my favorite books — “Powwowing in Pennsylvania – Braucherei and the Ritual of Everyday Life”.  This text is overflowing with information and excellent research.  Mr. Donmoyer opens the way for the understanding of the healing practices of the Pennsylvania Dutch (and others of the area) through their European folk beliefs brought to North America. 

donmoyerBraucherei is a “use what you have” system that embraces human ingenuity and the science of everyday life.  During this time of quarantine, what better study than this?

Today’s ChallengeRitual of the Windowsill — according to Mr. Donmoyer, “rituals of the windowsill utilize a liminal domestic as a convenient location for a specific type…

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