Day 2 Mini Great Release Program – March – Silver RavenWolf

Silver RavenWolf

lollyday2 Louisa Lolly has her own morning routine that includes yoga and weights.

by Silver RavenWolf

4th Qtr Moon in Capricorn — Excellent energy for reorganizing, banishing, clearing and cleansing!  Burn a brown candle for miracles.  Don’t have a brown candle?  Roll a white one in honey, brown sugar, and coffee grounds for good fortune and miracles.

Greetings and Top of the Day to ya!  Louisa Lolly has several suggestions for you today.  First, let’s get a morning routine going — something that you will do each morning to brighten your day and get the energy moving!  Louisa Lolly has developed a unique routine — something that she likes.  Before she gets out of her nest, she does leg stretches.  Then, after her bathroom necessities (teeth, hair, brains, whatever) she does 50 sit-ups followed by 15 minutes of Yoga (corpse pose is her favorite) and a little Tai Chi, lifts hand…

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