The Delta Pearl 24 — Walk

Ouch!! That puts Emmie in a possible pickle.

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Saturday, February 15, 2020

Hello, my chuckaboos!  I hope everyone had a wonderful week and a lovely Valentine’s Day too.  Romance aside, it makes a good excuse to show gratitude for our friends.

I was beginning to wonder if I’d make it to the riverbank today, but I did, and the #steampunk riverboat is here!  However, with my other works in progress, I didn’t use any reader things today.  I only made a few revisions to this chapter of the re-write of The Delta Pearl.

Are you ready?  

All aboard!

The Delta Pearl

Chapter 24 — Walk

paddle-steamer-Riverboat 3 deck PixabayPixabay

Walking around the upper decks of the riverboat, I scanned every high perch. I checked each hidey-hole and nook the clockwork owl liked to use. Yet I didn’t see Onyx anywhere. While it wasn’t exactly unusual for him to be scarce, I was beginning to be concerned.

“Should I ask…

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