Creating Sigils for Your Magick

The Spiritual Garden

I love me a good sigil.

I use them quite often, and in a lot of different areas in my practice. I have them on the floor under the beds, on the door frames leading into the house, on the underside of my altar, on the light switches, on candles, on stones, in my makeup routine… sigils are everywhere!

There’s so many different ways to creating your own sigils, and we’ll get into those in just a minute, but first, let’s discuss what a sigil is and why you should be using them (or rather, why I do) and the different ways to use them.

Sigil are purposely created symbols that are inscribed with an intent. They are usually unreadable or indiscernible to anyone but the creator and they are used in varying ways depending on their “source”. Every witch has their own type or own variation of sigils. Some…

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