What’s Next? Again…

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Saturday, July 20, 2019

Hello again, everyone.  Two posts in one day is unlike me.  However, it’s a reflection of how torn I’ve been, and still am, about which serial to do next.

Using reader-provided random things in serials has been a great way for me to write and finish stories. However, The Guitar Mancer is a notable exception to this. I was almost finished with the novel, and it did not convert well to a serial. The pace for regular novels, at least for mine, is different than the flow of a weekly serial. 

However, I have some unfinished novels that are not close to finished. For my next serial I was choosing between two steampunk (Victorian Era-ish) stories.

A few of you may have figured out (from my previous post) that I had decided to serialize the next adventure for Cornelis Drebbel, The Skull…

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