Today’s Color Reading July 03, 2019

Monavie Voight

July 03, 2019 

Use the power of your personal likes and dislikes of colors to guide you to find your answers.

What energy, emotions or feelings do the colors you see here today invoke in you? Do you like or dislike the colors? How do you see the colors in the way they relate to each other? Do you feel they complement each other or do they clash? Do they flow from one to the other? Is the energy from the colors changing slowly or abruptly? Do they bring up memories of experiences you have had and how does any of this influence your answer?


I have taught tarot classes since 1994 using this technique to help students unlock their true psychic potential. I teach the Beginning Tarot class in the Second Life® virtual world where we use this deck as part of our class. Find out more about…

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