Crowded Out: Responsible Travel short documentary explores the story of overtourism and how to combat it

Life & Soul Magazine

Tourism is something that generates mixed responses from locals and tourists worldwide, and in an attempt to raise awareness of “overtourism”, Responsible Travel have produced a short documentary, Crowded Out: The Overtourism Story, which provides an insightful account into the issues.

According to Responsible Travel, overtourism occurs when there are too many visitors to a particular destination. The Brighton-based travel company says: “When rent prices push out local tenants to make way for holiday rentals, that is overtourism. When narrow roads become jammed with tourist vehicles, that is overtourism. When wildlife is scared away, when tourists cannot view landmarks because of the crowds, when fragile environments become degraded – these are all signs of overtourism.”

This planet has some spectacular places to visit and while nobody is saying not to travel, there is a need to travel more consciously and with respect for the environment and the indigenous lifeforms…

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