Clean Wave: Collecting cut hair to help save the environment by soaking up oil spills

Life & Soul Magazine

Hair naturally collects oil hence the use of shampoo, and on a much larger scale, hair can be used to clean up oil spills. Such ingenuity led to hair stylist and innovator, Phillip McCrory, partnering with the Matter of Trust charity to create the Clean Wave programme, which uses clippings of hair from salons, fur from pet groomers, fleece and feathers from farmers, and even laundry lint to produce felted recycled fibre mats that are used to soak up oil spills and help keep storm drains and waterways clean.

There are over 2500 oil spills a year on average. There are also over 370,000 hair salons in the US and over 200,000 pet groomers. They each cut on average two pounds (one kilo) of hair/fur per day. These fibres can be felted into mats or stuffed into recycled burlap sacks or pantyhose in order to make environmentally friendly booms and…

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