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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

#GetCaughtReading!  May is Get Caught Reading Month.  Artie is coming back to Jazz Age Wednesdays!

Artie sketch thinking color steampunkArtie, courtesy of Chris Graham

Get Caught Reading is a nationwide (USA) campaign to promote the fun of reading books for all ages.  Chris Graham, the one and only Story Reading Ape, will be a story telling ape.  We’re getting together again for a short story in support of this initiative.  It will be here next Wednesday.

Now to Hidebound Hump Day

Be warned… I’m just dashing this off quickly.  It is so hard to resist the prompts from Diana Wallace Peach.  Then I read Rob Goldstein’s story (click here), and I simply had to join the fun.

Steampunk black man Brigitte Werner_PixabayBrigitte Werner, Pixaby

You’ve probably heard me bemoan my unfinished novel, the second book for the alchemist, Cornelis Drebbel.  It includes one of my favorite “unfinished novel…

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3 responses to “Hidebound Hump Day — #WritingPrompt! The Guardian

  1. Huge thanks for reblogging, Dyanna.
    This year I really hope to finish one of my several unfinished novels. Although the year is quickly escaping. I still don’t know whether it will be The Guitar Mancer, or this one, The Skull of the Alchemist. Meanwhile the big bad “Shoulds” in my brain say that I should go for one I haven’t even started — the third book of the Atonement series. Which would get your vote?
    Hugs on the wing!

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    • That is a hard one Teagan, I love all things Atonement, but I really would like to know how the Guitar Mancer ends. Of course, I like your alchemist too. But my vote is the Guitar Mancer 1st choice, Atonement 2nd Choice

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks, Dyanna. That’s helpful to me. Guitar Mancer is much, much closer to finished than this novel. The part of it that I shared in serial form, created new ideas. And the unexpected popularity of Luci’s dad, Grover… So It will need major edits to allow more Grover time.
    I’m honored that you still remember it. Hugs.


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