Coming in Spring — All Sorts of Things!

Glad your move is done! That was a spine-tingling little bit there, looking forward to more.

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Saturday, March 30, 2019

Lulu looking tub bot Metropolis 9 With helpful angel-bots, Lulu gets ready for a bath. (Art by Rob Goldstein)

I’ve been painting accent walls.  Places that I don’t even have are sore!  I sure wish I had a couple of angel-bots to run a nice hot bath for me…  Hullaba Lulu may have been brash and uncouth, but she was one lucky flapper! 

My plate is full with putting my new home in order.  I’ve been gathering the day-to-day needs that I couldn’t bring with me.  Did you ever stop to think just how many different needful things you use in the course of a single day?  From the handy holder for the toothbrush (still on my “to get” list) in the morning, to the bedside water glass at night. (I know that glass is here somewhere…) 

Anyhow, I’m not back to full-steam-ahead blogging quite yet, but I’m getting there!  Even though…

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