Koch Brothers Managed To Plant Their Guy David Dunlap As A Top E.P.A. Official In Oct 2018

Gronda Morin

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When we see how the darker side of populism has raised its ugly head in the UK as exemplified by its Brexit nightmare, France’s recent riots by yellow vest protesters over rising gasoline prices and the US democracy being led by an extremely flawed character, the republican President Donald Trump with the backing of impotent GOP lawmakers in the US Congress and their GOP ‘Dark Money’ corporate donors, we can legitimately point the finger at greedy corporate bigwigs who believe they can control the world.

Politicians in all of these countries have taken advantage of the angst growing in the hearts of average working citizens who have been victims of a financial decline with decades long stagnant wages and rising costs, by pointing the fingers at (others) to blame. The other can be any bogeyman.

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In US, It’s the ‘Dark Money’ GOP donors who are calling the shots of what…

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