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Horoscopes for the New Moon in Aquarius – February 2019

Collage by Chani

February 4th

1:04 PM PT – New Moon at 15° Aquarius

Clear. Concise. Certain. Intellectually rigorous, Aquarius pours forth its well-earned wisdom to the masses. No one masters a system of thought like the water-bearer, and that’s why few are as innovative. Aquarius seeks no intellectual short-cuts, just facts. Once this sign has made up its mind about something, good luck persuading it otherwise. Aquarius isn’t here to hog the spotlight, but would rather shine it upon the answers and ideas that the group might benefit from the most. In this way, Aquarius usually earns attention for its intellectual prowess, but it’s never the main motivation.

On February 4th at 1:04 PM PT, the new moon in Aquarius arrives. Bringing with it a fresh start, this new moon is the first in 2019 that is…

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