Dyanna’s Day Off

Ship at the Dock on Lake Huron

Friday was a dreary November day. Ok, it was a typical November day in my part of Michigan. It threatened to rain all day but the weather forecast said it would wait until late evening. Friday is my day to get away from the computer, phone, everything. So no matter what the weather was planning I was still getting out of the house. My outing took me to the shores of Lake Huron. Well, that is not really a big deal since I live about 20 miles from the lake. Even though the day was gray there was plenty of colors because many of the maples still had their leaves and the Tamaracks or Larch was bright yellow so there was a beautiful mix of colors to be seen mostly in the distance and on the roads.

Lake Huron

I was quite taken with the way the clouds and the lake looked so we sat for a while just enjoying the view. It is not often that we are at docks when there are ships there, but Friday we watched a ship from Canada unload a mountain of salt on the docks. Actually, the dock was busy there was a fish and wildlife boat docked as well a tug and someone’s personal boat. All in all, it was a nice way to spend a Friday. Oh and just as we decided to start shopping it rained. Not a sprinkle or shower a downpour. I was glad I decided to wear my raincoat. I quickly put my hair in a ponytail and slapped my baseball cap on and I was ready to shop. We did four stores in 3 hours had lunch and headed home. Well, wouldn’t you know it stopped raining as soon as we headed home. It was a nice little adventure in nature and in shopping. Below is a good picture of Larch or Eastern Tamarack. I should have asked to pull over so I could get a few pictures but was not sure that my cell phone camera would be good enough to show the trees as they were well off the road.

The Tamarack/Larch 

The Tamarack/Larch 

A light softwood, similar to spruce. Larch is one of the few conifers which sheds its needles in the winter. The larch plays an important role in Lapp and Siberian mythology where it takes the place of the ash as the World-tree. Their shamans use larch wood to rim their ceremonial drums.

Magickal Aspects:
Confidence, Protection, the Realm of Heaven
The smoke from burning larch is said to ward off evil spirits. Larch may be used for protection and to induce visions.


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