Vote To Take Back Our US Democracy From Wealthy Conservative Donors Like KOCH Brothers

Gronda Morin

Stand Your Ground Cartoon

The harm that’s being done by dark monies from billionaire donors like the Koch brothers and others cannot be overstated. They have invested heavily in the Republican Party to where they own it. It can be said that the donor class has been hard at work to for years strategizing to realize their political goals.

The Koch brothers and their crony billionaires have for all intensive purposes bought and paid for the GOP lawmakers, the resident in the White House and his support staff. Either the US congressional lawmakers and the president respond to their demands or these wealthy donors won’t let go of the money flow that republican leaders have become addicted to  in order to stay in power.

These conservative money men are simply taking full advantage of the 2010 US Supreme Court ruling “Citizens United v FEC where corporations can act as individuals in creating ads and…

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