You Are Magical by Tess Whitehurst

You Are Magical is a remarkable book. I am impressed by the coverage of all aspect of being a magic user that is covered in this book. It is truly a book that teaches one how to use all of the possible abilities they have with practical exercise that help the reader practice the different skill that is explained in each chapter. Despite the enormous amount of information in this book, it is still light and easy to read.
The books offer information on everyday magic, how to connect with your energy, how to do a thorough clearing of your energy fields. How to work with your chakras, see auras and use your primary intuitive gifts. There is information on the various forms of divination and how to use each. In order to be proficient in the use of any form of divination more study of the chosen form would be helpful.
The book has extensive spells some of which include deities from pantheon other than the Greek and Roman pantheon.
I find the book very informative and a good guide to introduce magic to one who is just starting to learn. I enjoyed reading it and even though I have practiced magick for many years I would find it useful to have as part of my library.

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