Lammas Spells

Lammas Spells

Make a loaf of bread at Lammas and before you put the loaf into the oven, dip a paintbrush in milk and write on the crust what you most desire. Bake the bread, then eat it while still warm.

A book of Anglo-Saxon charms advised the crumbling of the Lammas loaf into four pieces and the burying of them in the four corners of the barn to make it safe for all the grain that would be stored there. You can use this old spellcraft in a protection spell for your home.

Bake a Lammas loaf, and when it is cool break it into four pieces don’t cut it with a knife and take one to each corner of your property with the words:

I call on the spirits
Of north, and south, east and west
Protect this place
Now, at the time of the Blessing.

Leave the bread for the birds to eat or bury the pieces.

From Lammas: Celebrating The Fruits Of The First Harvest
by Anna Franklin and Paul Mason

Wealth Spell
For this spell gather a silver coin (real silver, if possible), some dried basil, a pinch of dried sage, one green candle, any combination of malachite, tiger’s-eye, pyrite, peridot, or aventurine. Carve a dollar sign into the candle while visualizing your wallet bulging and your bills marked “paid.” Place the coin in a heat-proof container beneath the candle. Lay the stones either inside the container or around it, and light the candle. Sprinkle the herbs at the base of the candle, and chant:
“Money comes and money grows
money is mine
to me it flows.”
Let the candle burn all the way down put the coin in your pocket or purse.