France-Brittany : Josselin Castle on the Velodyssey


Josselin Castle is one of the highlights of the ride from Roscoff to Nantes along the Canal and the Veldyssey. Here is a brief history of the castle.

Josselin Castle’s story began 1000 years ago in 1008 :

Guéthenoc, son of the Count of Rennes  built a stockade

on a rocky promontory dominating the valley of the river Oust.

Goscelinus, his son, gave the name to the castle and to the people

and village gathering around this impressive stronghold .

Josselin was born.

Olivier de Clisson acquired the castle in 1370

and died there in 1407.

You can find his tomb and his wife’s, Marguerite,

in the Basilica,Notre Dame du Roncier,

50 metres from the castle gates.

The Castle knew several periods, a major one

in the Renaissance period :

At the end of the 15th century, the castle underwent

a second transformation.

De Clisson’s descendants, the…

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