Tall Dark & Deadly by Kharma Kelley

Tall, Dark & Deadly (Agents of the Bureau, #1)Tall, Dark & Deadly by Kharma Kelley
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Tall Dark & Deadly is my first time reading a book by Kharma Kelley. I enjoy a good paranormal read and this book was no exception.
It was fast paced with enough action to please anyone who likes actions. Chloe Hunter is not your everyday heroine she does not follow orders is always getting into one jam after another. Being a cross between a vampire and a human give her a bit of an edge when dealing with the bad guys. Having many years of being a bad guy herself she is now working with the Bureau, that comes with conditions and a smoking hot boss. Chloe keeps breaking the rules that allowed her to be out of incarceration. Ethan Raines, her boss keeps getting her out of self-inflicted jams.
This is a wonderful read, it ticks all the boxes for action, suspense, and romance. If you are a fan of Vampires, Fae, Shifters, and the occasional demon or dragon this is a must-read.

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