US Ambassador with 33 Years Experience Resigns Over President’s Slurs Of EU And NATO

If this is the road to making America Great we are in deep trouble.

Gronda Morin


Our US allies have every right to be worried that the republican President Donald Trump is planning to bring a wrecking ball to the upcoming July 2018 NATO summit in Brussels, Belgium, right before he heads out for his July 16th tete-a-tete with the Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Another highly experienced, well respected US diplomat of 33 years bites the dust. The US Ambassador to Estonia announced his retirement on the 29th of June 2018 because of a string of controversial comments that President Trump made about U.S. allies in Europe. Ambassador James D. Melville Jr.,  has said that he he believes “in the U.S. support for the European Union and NATO to his “marrow.”

Image result for MAP OF ESTONIAHere is the rest of the story…

On June 29, 2018, Robbie Gramer of Foreign Policy penned the following report, “U.S. Ambassador to Estonia Resigns in Disgust After Trump Anti-Europe Rants” (“James Melville is…

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