Elliott Broidy, Israeli Supporter, Lobbyist For Saudi Arabia And UAE Is In Mueller’s Cross-hairs

Gronda Morin

Image result for PHOTOS OF ELLIOTT BROIDY BENJAMIN NETANYAHULately, I have been focusing a lot of my attention on the likes of Elliott Broidy as he is the key to two major scandals regarding the republican President Donald Trump.

The one was  reported on an April 13, 2018, The Wall Street Journal  story revealing the existence of one of Michael Cohen’s nondisclosure agreements which involved an affair between a former playmate Shera Bechard and a client of Michael Cohen’s, supposedly Elliott Broidy. Here’s the punchline. This was published only 4 days after Mr. Cohen’s work places were raided by the FBI. Many investigative journalists are convinced that Elliott Broidy is being a stooge for President Trump because Ms. Bechard became pregnant which was followed up with an abortion. This narrative would be a blow to the president’s Evangelical followers which comprise about 35% of his base.

See: More Evidence That Broidy Was Covering for Trump in Affair –…

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