Climate Victory Gardens: Green America urge people to grow gardens to combat climate change

Wonderful Idea!

Life & Soul Magazine

Green America is urging people in the US to use their gardens as a force for change, to combat climate change, by planting “Climate Victory Gardens”.

Victory Gardens were originally planted during World War I and II in the US, as part of the nation’s efforts to feed their communities at home and support troops overseas. By 1944, nearly 20 million victory gardens produced 8 million tons of food, equaling about 40% of the fresh fruits and vegetables consumed in the US at the time.

Launching the Climate Victory Gardens initiative, Green America said: “Instead of gardening in support of war efforts we are gardening to fight climate change. Shifting garden practices towards principles of regenerative agriculture can be a meaningful part of reversing climate change and sequestering carbon out of the atmosphere and back into the soil.

“We need to immediately sequester carbon from the atmosphere, putting back what has been…

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