Fish-friendly Wine: Northern California creating a habitat for grapes and fish to thrive together

Life & Soul Magazine

Northern California is famed for its wineries and producing wines that are sold worldwide.

The region is also said to be the most valuable agricultural land in all of North America, and is rich in biodiversity. The Napa, Russian, and Navarro rivers and Sonoma Creek define the landscape where grape farmers use these waterways to produce the wines the region is famous for, and iconic fish species like steelhead trout and Coho salmon utilise the area for breeding. This region also serves as a critical habitat for migratory birds, butterflies, and a wide variety of native plant and animal species too.

Without the right farming practices however, the wineries can be hazardous to the numerous lifeforms that call the region home, especially the coho salmon population, which has since become endangered in Northern California.

Like other agricultural industries in California, vineyards rely on water for their operations. But at the same time, fish…

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