Wax Tales of Love

Moonage Magic

With Beltane (the fire festival welcoming summer in its blazing, sensual glory) around the corner, the most common topic asked by tarot clients and seekers alike is about love magic. As a Libra who most definitely wears rose-tinted glasses, I fully believe in love as life’s most renewable resource one can give and receive. Yet with all my interest in the magic of ritual, I’ve been more likely to loan my copy of bell hooks’ All About Love before advising red wax, poppets and love charms. Perhaps because, like most young witches, my first spells were for love, or so I thought.

My first love spell was at age 15 and it worked rather quickly. At the time I was enamored with a pink-haired boy and the soundtrack to this affair was appropriately Bjork’s “Venus as a Boy.” The feelings it caused gave me a sense of awakening, sweetness and…

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