The Same Sun Shines For Us All~

Sunset in the open ocean off Peru.
This post is in honor of the innocent victims of gun violence in our country and their families. I honor the children who are leading our country away from the path of despair and gun violence.
“The wolf will live with the lamb, the leopard will lie down with the goat, the calf and the lion and the yearling together; and a little child will lead them.” (Isaiah 11:6. New International Version).

I salute and stand in solidarity with our student leaders today, and everyday, and all who support the will of the people for safety, sanity, and gun regulation.

The same sun sets for us all,

over the peaceful sea.

Mother Nature’s silent symphony,

a promise of enduring hope,

and lasting peace.

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4 responses to “The Same Sun Shines For Us All~

  1. Gun laws only affect the law-abiding people who own weapons for protecting themselves, their children & what they’ve worked hard for. Criminals and psychos don’t care about laws. They will always find a way to get weapons. Where do a lot of mass killings happen? – In gun-free zones like school grounds, where the law-abiding people don’t take their weapons. If decent people had their weapons, bad guys can be taken down before they kill hundreds by the time law enforcers arrive! What about knives, bombs, ice-picks and baseball bats? If bad people don’t abuse guns it will be something else. There will always be people wanting control over the lives of others — People who want to control another’s right to self-protection: the “good” ones? Then there’s the “bad” ones that want to end my life!

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      • Perhaps I might, that depends on who/what we may have to fight one day! But I tell you this, that shooter didn’t need an AR 15!! He would have found a way to kill without it, be it a machete, baseball bat, researched bomb-building, ot torched the place with gasoline. When snippets of liberties are allowed by the people, chunks get taken, because it shows people want security over freedom. Guess we can agree we’ve opposing views but we have things in common too. I follow this blog because I find it so interesting & I love your pictures. No hard feelings here.

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