Cambridge Analytica CEO Nix Claims He Met President Trump On Numerous Occasions

Interesting, so this is just another part of the corruption around the 2016 election.

Gronda Morin

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The CEO of Cambridge Analytica, Alex Nix is the poster boy for the saying, “loose lips sinks ships.” In an undercover sting by a NBC News UK partner, ITN Channel 4 TV News, Alex Nix spills the beans which explains why he is out of a job. This is what happens to a CEO who brags about how is company is not above playing dirty.

Too bad “we the people” can’t reclassify the republican President Donald Trump as a CEO because in any publicly traded company, he would have been gone long ago. I have been at a loss to explain how the GOP in the US Congress in lieu of a corporation’s board members have been loathe to stand up to the president. As per my adult son, is it possible that Cambridge Analytica has garnered  Kompromat on some republicans serving in the US Congress?

Below is only one…

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