Women’s History Month–Deborah Sampson (1760-1827)

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Deborah Sampson was born in 1760 in Plympton, Massachusetts. Her father never returned from a sea voyage, and in dire financial straits, unable to support Deborah and her siblings, her mother arranged for them to live with local families. Around age 10, Deborah was bonded to a family where she worked both in the home and fields. At the age of 18 and mostly self-educated, she was released from her indenture terms. By this time, in Colonial 1778, there was a little war for Independence going on.

You may have heard of it.

In 1782, with the Revolutionary War still going strong, Deborah bound her breasts, tied back her hair, doffed some trousers and enlisted in the Fourth Massachusetts Regiment of the Revolutionary Army.

She was billeted with 50-60 men, in Bellingham, MA (which just happens to be the town I grew up in.)

For nearly two years she masqueraded…

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