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Teagan I am an Atonement fan so that will always get my vote.

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Don’t Panic

Thistledowinans, don’t panic.  It’s not finished yet.  I don’t know how many episodes it will take for me to make my way to the conclusion.  However, I can’t stop thinking ahead… hence this posted request.  

Share your thoughts — Please

I can’t seem to find the time to blog write novels.  Yet the two blog serials I’ve “book-ized” have been well received.  Plus, I love to involve you, the reader.  So I plan to go down that well worn Three Things path again.  However, it will not be for the Pip-verse of Jazz Age stories.  

Boy field smoke-ball aziz-acharki-290990Unsplash

That said, I very much want your thoughts about what kind of serial story, because, you are part of my process!  You would be sending “three random things” to drive the story.  I’m adding a poll below.  It has some of the ideas I’m considering, but I’d…

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