Photography: California in Winter (Post #1)

Thank you for a breath of spring.

Sumyanna Writes

So as I mentioned in a previous post, we went to California during winter break.  I know… most people are like, “Why go there in the winter?  The beach is always best in the summer!”  However, I think… at least for me, that seeing nature still struggling along while it is entirely covered in my part of the country is a tonic for the soul.  I absolutely love to know, “Hey!  It’s winter!” and yet I look around and everything is green.  I guess if I were to analyze myself, I would say that I truly feel revived around nature, it’s when I feel more alive.

If my family were more outdoorsy types in the winter, I probably wouldn’t have a problem.  Instead… they would be huddled around a heater, covered in blankets!  I personally hate being stuck indoors for too long, but hey, that’s just me!  Anyway, I could show…

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