Thistledown – Midsummer Bedlam 16 — Glitter and Glare

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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Hello everyone, and welcome back to Thistledown.  Back in episode 11, artist Janet Weight Reed, graciously let me use some of her beautiful work.  You see, some of her magical hummingbirds have made their way to Thistledown.  The hummers stuck around. 

We left the story with a shift in the narrator’s point of view.  I should probably call these post-hiatus episodes “Act 2” because of the change in point of view.  Anyhow, Bedlam, River, and Rhymer are still “off screen” so to speak, and presumably in trouble.  We’ll get back to them, but today’s episode continues with Bob the hummingbird telling this faery tale. 

From Episode 15…

“I thought the girls would be in here, studying away,” Willow Rainbow murmured in a concerned tone.

“Based on these half-eaten cookies, I think they must have left abruptly,” Luminous Twinkle added.

Then Bob saw it.  The periwinkle muskox hair…

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