Thistledown – Midsummer Bedlam 15 — Hummers, Hair, and Hanks

I surmise the little fairy is living up to her name. Wonderful episode can’t wait to see where this leads.

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Saturday, December 9, 2017

Welcome back to Thistledown, one and all.  We left Bedlam, River, and Rhymer in a fair amount of faery trouble.  I know you want to know what happened to the girls, but this episode switches to the point of view of another character.  I expect you’ll be surprised by which one.

From Episode 14…

Abruptly the heavy volume snapped shut.  The periwinkle muskox hair was still within, like a bookmark.  The room spun wildly.  It was like looking into a kaleidoscope.

Then the world shattered.

Quickly I moved my hands away from the book and caught the hands of River and Rhymer.

Now, Episode 15…


Midsummer Bedlam 15

Hair, Hanks, and Hummers

Ruby-topaz_hummingbird_flying in TobagoA hummingbird with iridescent feathers in the orange hues of a sunset darted along a forest path.  Bob the hummingbird had brought Bedlam Thunder a magical muskox hair.  He had to admit…

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