Sunset Over Selungo: Documentary shows Penan tribes’ campaign to protect Borneo rainforest

thanks for sharing, yet another indigenous tribe having to fight for their right to live in a sustainable way and to maintain their culture.

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Sunset Over Selungo is a short documentary which showcases the Penan tribe of Sarawak, Malaysia and their efforts to protect their rainforest home.

Filmed on location in Sarawak, on the island of Borneo, Sunset Over Selungo is an inspiring story about belonging, freedom and justice. You can watch the full film below.

For centuries, the Penan people have lived in the jungle of northern Borneo, the largest island in Asia. Now they are fighting to defend their rainforest home. Their culture and identity rely on it.

The Penan number around 10,000 people, spread across many villages. Centuries-old traditions still prevail and flourish in these lands. Blowpipes and poison darts are still used and often favoured for hunting because they are silent. Medicinal plants are collected from the rainforest to treat illnesses, and rattan – the fibres of a wild palm – is woven into mats and baskets. The Penan still speak their…

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