Washington Post’s Fact Check On President’s Claims About US House’s Tax Cut Bill

Thanks for sharing this information. Saw part of it but this break down is very helpful.

Gronda Morin

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The republican President Donald J. Trump has been proclaiming that the current tax cut plans being developed by republican legislators in the US Congress, are actually a bad deal for the rich.

And which planet are we on where the president thinks that Americans don’t get it, that they are being flim-flamed?

The US Senators are now working on an alternate tax cut proposal than the one being pushed by the US House of Representatives. The goal is to have their work product ready by the time the House passes its version of the tax cut law. Then both houses of the US Congress can endeavor to agree on a conference/ reconciliation package which can then be quickly passed to be signed by the president before Christmas 2017.

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The US Congress has allotted itself to incur a $1.5 trillion price tag per current budget rules to pay for this bill…

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