Photography: I Seek the Solace of Nature’s Kiss (Post #1)

Great Photos!

Sumyanna Writes

We’ve been working on a new schedule lately.   It has helped immensely, even though all of its benefits are not apparent at this time.  Things… just… take… time, I guess.  Through the invention of a new approach in school as well as a new schedule, we somehow managed the amazing feat of going out one day this week to enjoy the last of warmer days.  On Wednesday, the temperature was 83 F, so it was perfect for roaming around the free gardens.  I would like to sat that was our first choice, but we drove all the way to the Botanic Gardens only to find out they were closing in thirty minutes due to some function.  The day was once again saved by my favorite spot to watch the clouds roll by…

While many may scoff, why would you go to the gardens now?  (especially when the weather the next…

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