Brixton Energy: Powering up the locals with community-owned solar energy

This is such an excellent idea it would be wonderful if it became the norm for all communities.

Life & Soul Magazine

Solar panels on top of a social housing estate in south London’s Brixton is giving locals the chance to take power back into their own hands.

The repertoire of solar panels atop Loughborough Estate and Roupell Park Estate belong to Brixton Energy, the UK’s first inner-city, community-owned renewable energy project, run by Repowering London.

Brixton Energy is helping communities to reduce their bills and energy consumption, as well as providing locals with community energy for lighting public areas and powering the lifts.

The co-operative has also been instrumental in involving and educating young people in the community, whilst helping to tackle poverty and crime in the local area.

Brixton Energy is one of many schemes around the UK helping to cut carbon emissions within some of the most polluted cities in the country. It is also one of a growing number of community-run and owned renewable energy projects fostering a self-sufficiency approach.

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