RE-Volv: Giving people opportunities to create solar-powered communities

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RE-volv is making it possible for people and communities to invest collectively in solar projects, through people-funded renewable energy.

Through crowdfunding, RE-volv lets individuals who support clean energy chip in a few dollars to help create solar powered communities around the United States.

RE-Volv founder, Andreas Karelas, says: “Nonprofits and co-ops lack access to traditional solar finance, and we want to see solar energy being used in every community in the country. That’s why we started this pay-it-forward model for solar energy: so every donation can go further, build more solar, and strengthen more communities around the United States.”

Community-serving nonprofits and co-ops pay nothing up front for the solar energy system, but over time they pay RE-volv back through a lease with interest, just like you would lease a car.

All of those lease payments are then reinvested into solar projects for schools and nature centres across the US, creating…

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