Fixfest: A global gathering for community repair

Good Idea!

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Fixfest, the first ever international festival bringing together community repair groups and individuals interested in making things more sustainable, takes place from 6-8 October in London.

Fixfest will bring together volunteer repairers and tinkerers, activists, policy-makers, thinkers, and companies from all over the world in the name of taking greater care of the things we own – and creating better products.

Fixfest will host a series of talks, discussions and workshops. Those from the ‘repair community’ will be encouraged to share experiences, skills and frustrations, such as the barriers to repairing certain products.

The event’s organisers, The Restart Project, say: “We’ll be assembling diverse community repair groups, social and environmental activists, makers and tinkerers from Holland to Argentina; each with their own fascinating insights into the world of repair, and with a joint passion for a less wasteful world.

“In forging links between diverse groups and individuals, we hope Fixfest…

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