Visionary photographer Devin Allen empowering young people with cameras, not guns

Life & Soul Magazine

Baltimore-based photographer Devin Allen, who gained international attention when his documentary photograph of the Baltimore Uprising was published on a Time Magazine cover, honours his motto “shoot with the heart, not with the eyes” with every photo he takes.

The self-taught photographer, who also teaches photography to young people in the city, wants to arm the youth of Baltimore with cameras, not guns. He explains: “Coming from Baltimore you didn’t have people like me. All I knew was a bunch of drug dealers, so being a photographer, being from Baltimore, being self taught is rare.

“It’s always good to elevate and go beyond. Coming from Baltimore you get counted out as soon as you come out the womb … I think I’ve got a lot to offer to the rest of the world, a different perspective, showing Baltimore in a new light, someone still living in their community, still very accessible.”


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